May 21, 2014#



IWIHPT (I wish I had produced that) #3
I wish it hadn’t taken me a year to sit down and watch OBEY THE GIANT – but damn it’s good. Continue Reading

April 30, 2014#

Christopher Wilson – Barnes Jewish Hospital

Much of last October was spent with the talented Christopher Wilson and a wonderful crew, capturing content for Barnes Jewish Hospital. The project started simply as a phone call from one producer to another, looking to me for some recommendations of local resources. As pre-production moved along and conversations continued, I was signed on to the project. Initially tapped as location manger, my project job title quickly grew to include that of line producer and b-unit producer. We spent two weeks together in some great locations, listening to the stories of patients whose lives had been immeasurably improved by the hospital’s doctors and staff.

In addition to the still images currently in use on the hospital website and signage, four commercials are in rotation, sharing these stories of hope. It’s been especially exciting to see these spots play during the Oscars and the Olympics. Many thanks to the patients for sharing their stories of hope, as well as to the doctors, for making these stories possible.

Click the banners below to see all four commercials.





February 4, 2014#

Authenticity in Marketing

Red Bull athlete Felix Baumgartner jumps from the edge of space, as captured by GoPro.
Click the image above for 8 minutes of white knuckled inspiration.  

Red Bull and GoPro. These days, It’s almost impossible to watch documentation of a human achievement that doesn’t include one or both of these brands – and that’s a good thing. Say what you will about the brands, but realize they have both established a very impressive trajectory from which we all stand to benefit. Continue Reading

January 6, 2014#

IWIHPT – Sound City


Given my current line up of projects, this second installment of IWIHPT (I wish I had produced that) should come at no surprise. Call it entertainment or research, I’ve watched Sound City a number of times and it just keeps getting better. The story arc, secondary plot lines and interviews are expertly composed. In simple terms, it’s a great film with a wonderful soundtrack.

For the story, the research and all the musicians involved, this must have been a dream project. I am increasingly impressed by the work of Dave Grohl. Each new project, be it music or film, is a success for one common factor, he’s doing what he loves. The passion is undeniable and inspiring.

Check out the trailer and a host of download/rental options on the Sound City website.


December 19, 2013#

A Monster Project – Sneak Peek

In the midst of one of the most exciting projects of my career. Surrounded by great people and amazing music – this is why I do what I do. More to come soon.


November 14, 2013#

For several years, I’ve been compiling a mental list of spots and campaigns so impressive or inspiring, they make me think, “I wish I had produced that” (IWIHPT). Some of these are simply wonderful examples of pure storytelling, while others, given their production value, must have been a dream to produce. With this, I am launching a new regular feature here on the blog, sharing my sources of awe and inspiration.

The first installment is a branded story from Google India. There is a lesson in here for every brand – stop trying to make the logo bigger, just let the product speak for itself. From a production standpoint, I really enjoyed the pacing and the subtle nuances throughout the storyline. As is a trademark to any powerful visual storytelling, this piece is successful no matter the language. Script and story aside – I will jump at any opportunity to travel to India.

Kudos to Google India and Ogilvy India for the work.

November 11, 2013#

Noam Kroll – Indiewire


Great post by Noam Kroll, defining the worth of a producer. Though written primarily with the independent film director in mind, the advice just as easily applies to a commercial director or still photographer.

Visit Noam’s blog or Indiewire for the full article.

October 30, 2013#

Fstoppers – Interview


I recently sat down with Gary Martin at Fstoppers to talk through life in the photo/video world, the path to becoming a producer and my time spent working with Corey Rich. Check out the full interview for a peek behind the scenes.

October 7, 2013#

As had become a reoccurring theme over the past few years, quite a bit of my time this summer was spent on farms. Much of this was alongside John Fedele, producing a new spot and corresponding print ads for Dow Mycogen.

As is often the case on a production, I fielded numerous questions from the curious bystanders, most of which started “Why does it take so many people to make a commercial / take a picture.” I’m always happy to talk through the process and always end with “… but just wait until you see it all in action. That’s when it really makes sense.” Though, for all the questions I answered, I was the one that was getting an education that week. If you really want to experience what makes this country tick, set down your cell phone and go talk to a farmer.




September 16, 2013#

Rebecca’s Private Idaho – Trip Report


This wasn’t one of those dreams where I’m riding my bike through an alpine wonderland without a care in the world. Nope, this time, it was real.

I’m somewhat hesitant to share my experience at Rebecca’s Private Idaho. Simply, I’m feeling selfish. I want this ride all to myself. I want to know that I can roll into Ketchum each year as if I’m in on a secret, suffering along with a small group of riders who share my same ear to ear grin. Yet, in the same spirit with which Rebecca Rusch shared her backyard training grounds with 250 brave souls, I will share my story with you. This event, and this community, deserve to be celebrated. Continue Reading