Curious about the role of a Producer? Check out my interview with Fstoppers.

Storyteller, image maker, full-time independent producer for still & motion. Painter, printmaker, cyclist, conversationalist, seeker of inspiration and evidence of the eternal truths, and amateur quantum physicist. I keep track of the animals and insects I see each day, not for research, but simply because it’s nice to know they’re around. Be nice to one another. We’re all in this together.

The role of a producer varies greatly from one project to the next. Though, for all the variables, the goal is always the same. My job is to ensure that when they show up on set, the photographer or director can focus solely on capturing compelling images. Planning for any possible contingency, my dedication continues through the entirety of a shoot, ensuring a successful project.

If it can be print upon, published or broadcast, chances are I have worked with it. Thanks to a career spanning a diverse array of locations and subject matter, I am just as comfortable in the backcountry as I am in the studio.